About the school

Kitwiru High School is a boarding school founded and owned by Chelestino Simbalimile Mofuga Foundation (C.S.M.F) and registered by the Ministry of Education and vocational training with Registration No. S. 2381. The school started operation in 2005 with 88 students and got its fully registration in 2006. The school celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015. Till today Kitwiru has graduated 9 form four classes, the school expects to graduate its first A Level class in 2017.

Our Aims

Vision: To be a leader in providing quality education to students that has christian guidance that enables them to undertake their own development and contribute creatively towards the development of the country.

Mission: To conduct teaching using modern methods and good learning environment to ensure that students get education and religious guidance, that can lead to self-initiative and contribue creatively towards the development of the country.

Self-Dicipline, Excellence, Success

Our School Motto

Our Students

Kitwiru students comprise the most outstanding students from across Tanzania with the potential to drive transformative change on the Country.

Currently we have students for A-LEVEL and O-LEVEL, We teach a wide range of subjects combinations such as HKL, HGL, HGK, PCB and CBG. For more information abot our admission criteria please visit the admission page.

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Photo Gallery

Our students from form four class of 2015
Our Computer Laboratory
Our School Bus
Our Library